Story line

Best friends Smoke, Grey Dogg and Preach are seniors at Wayne Central High. The diverse trio is masterful at ripping off the most expensive rims and audio systems in high end automobiles. Smoke, the state’s three-time 200 and 400-meter champion, boosts wheels and sound systems to support his cancer-ridden mom and five siblings. The son of the Midwest’s most prominent pastor, the highly religious Preach pinches elite car accessories to finance the building of his own recording studio where he intends to produce Rap, not the Gospel he dad insists upon. Colorful, Post Malone-clone Grey Dogg, who’s obsessed with breaking the single night record for stealing high-end rims, pilfers because it is the only thing he’s ever been good at.


Rich girl Cookie Melendez is the third-ranked student in the senior class. A combination of beauty and wisdom she has a secret crush on the overwhelmed Smoke. The relationship between Preach and his long-time girlfriend Shureka, a truly spoiled brat with ADHD, is finally beginning to crack at the seams, while the romance between Grey Dogg and his forbidden love Jordan is blossoming. Smoke eventually becomes smitten by Cookie, only to learn she has a closet full of secrets.


When Mexican-born Junkyard is added as the fourth member of thief ring the group becomes the best-oiled machine ever, a combination of wit, skill and technology. The combo is also fully behind their cohort Smoke during his illegal races against international competition, a series of local events that bring all factions of the community together. Even against Olympic finalists Smoke has never lost a race.


As the trio navigates the current obstacles of the day, such as social injustice, peer pressure, decisions about higher education and family dysfunction, the untimely death of new found friend Junkyard unites the trio in undertaking the most challenging feat possible – breaking the mysterious Lone Wolf’s record for the greatest number of high-fashion rims ever stolen in a single night. Naturally, all hell breaks loose!


The Series

The Producers have developed “Charge It to the Game” with aim towards a potential series. The storylines and plot points for the first 12 episodes have already been generated. The four central characters, Smoke, Grey Dogg, Preach and Cookie would remain a constant, with developing characters and new conflicts introduced weekly. The hurtles encountered by young people in this day and age are endless.


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